Depression Treatment

Understanding Depression

Depression is a complex problem that combines emotional and physical symptoms. If you’re feeling sadness, despair, worthlessness or apathy, you know how painful these symptoms can be and how they can bring on physical symptoms of fatigue, appetite disturbance, insomnia, diminished sex drive and a general feeling of malaise.

nature-sunset-person-woman-black-and-whiteDepression can come on like a wave, apparently from nowhere. One of the things that makes depression so painful is that when it has its hold on you, it saps the very energy you need to defeat it. When depression takes over, life can become colorless and joyless, leading to feelings of despair.

If you are feeling some or all of these things, I know you are in pain and want to find relief.  Whether your depression is new to you or an old “friend,” I would like to work with you toward sending depression out of your life. It is common to blame oneself for one’s symptoms and therefore not seek treatment. But, depression is a highly treatable and understandable condition, especially given the fast paced, technology driven world we live in–with little time to re-group and “metabolize” feelings, depression can easily result. Unfortunately, the very nature of depression makes it difficult to beat without outside intervention because the mind that created it (yours) often presents the biggest barrier to healing.

How does Depression Treatment Work?

In therapy, we will address the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that fuel your depression. Therapy is beneficial because it addresses the emotional, behavioral, and physical aspects of depression. While gaining greater self-awareness and acceptance, you will also come to recognize negative self-talk (blaming oneself, hopelessness) and learn how to alter it into more supportive self-talk as it occurs. An important aspect of our work will be to address some of the life experiences and beliefs that have led to depressed feelings–hidden feelings that often go unnoticed or unknown until therapeutic exploration designed to uncover and heal old thinking and feelings occurs. Our work in therapy can also help you to make changes that will alleviate depressed feelings and thoughts by identifying underlying patterns in your thinking that no longer serve you and cause unnecessary pain and distress.

How Long will it Take?

close-up-of-womans-faceThe length of time and course of treatment to accomplish your goals will depend on you and your unique circumstance and the treatment plan we create. Together, we’ll discover how to best approach the “beast” of depression and to create space for wellbeing and peace of mind. Even if you can’t imagine ever feeling better (which is often the case when you are feeling depressed), I will hold that hope, until you can.

If you are ready to begin the process of obtaining relief from depression, and toward discovering a more peaceful way of life, please email or call me to set up an appointment or to discuss any questions you might have about how you and I might work together.

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